Morning Coffee

It seems that coffee making is a particularly sensitive issue. What’s the right coffee? The right method?

Bialetti MokaHere at home, Frog and I have agreed for some time that anyone who makes coffee with a Nespresso machine should probably be sent to therapy. It’s not that the coffee is disagreeable. It’s just, well… it just doesn’t seem right. That’s all. We prefer instead to stick to the classic Bialetti Moka Express. And don’t even get us started on, ahem, ‘filter coffee’.

The Bialetti avoids all of that espresso maker nonsense of integrated grinders and winders-uppers and steam machines and £££ price tags. And it makes a fantastic cup of joe.

As for the coffee itself, that’s where it becomes even tougher. We still stick to the Lavazza Rosso, which is basic but flavourful. For those of you who are more adventurous, the sometimes surly staff at the Algerian Coffee Stores will doubtless be able to hook you up.

And you, dear readers, what are you drinking this morning?


3 Responses to Morning Coffee

  1. Stephen says:

    I use boiling water, a plastic funnel thing, a paper filter and two large spoonfuls of el Stupendo! Espresso de la Caramba Vitalo Loco! (I may be misremembering the name). The boiling water poured from a whistling tea kettle quickly drips/runs into the mug beneath the funnel containing the filter and coffee. El Stupendo! (I may be misremembering the name) is ground to the finest level so thick, dark and energetic coffee is the result.

  2. howie baby says:

    J, how do you feel about the coffee press? I’ve been wondering for ages what’s the best way to do coffee at home and fully agree that homedone espresso machines are not the way to go (unless you’re in St. Petersburg and the year is 1993 and you’re impressing the hell out of all your uninvited, poorly dressed guests). The Italian thingy you mention has always intimidated me. Looks like it requires intricate measuring, monitoring and cleaning, ie, bad for a hangover morning, when I need it most.

    Hey, do you have any control over the code in your blog? Would love for the links to open in a new window, so your page stays put.

  3. GGLondon says:

    Coffee press, howie, as you know = evil, tepid, watery coffee. 🙂

    I think the next time you get the chance, you should get the Moka Express. It’s actually pretty straightforward. We always boil the water in the kettle before putting it on the stove, the coffee measuring is pretty straight forward (we call it, two tablespoons), and 60 seconds later, super coffee.

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