Glacier Crisis

Hmmm… I’ve had a bit of a setback on the ice cream making front. The day after receiving my new Magimix Le Glacier for my birthday, I was terribly excited to get things going. The Frog has scored a wonderful coup with this prezzie.

And then, my friends, tragedy struck.

You see, we’re going to have to move house. That’s right, the ‘pre-freeze for 12 hours’ part of Le Glacier does not fit into the freezer in my flat. I am completely gutted. You can imagine the various contortions that I’ve been through to try to make it fit, but without a blow-torch, I’m a bit stuck at the moment.

It’s kind of like getting a remote control car for Christmas and then realising that it requires triple A batteries and you only have a pair of D’s.



4 Responses to Glacier Crisis

  1. It’s a funny story – but probably not for you.

    I always do it the old fashioned way – removing the ice cream from the freezer every hour or so and giving it a quick mix before putting it back again, this keeps it nice and smooth.

    Of course, it’s even better if you go luxurious and use eggs to make beautiful traditional vanilla….Yum!

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