Brunch and Tea whilst Shopping – W1

With the lights back up on Oxford Street and Regents Street, you, like me, have probably had to dodge the various Eurotourists who are clogging the various arteries of London. I have yet to figure out why people take pictures of the “Le Frog” lights on Regents Street. Who are they planning to show these to? My oh my…

But, if you do find yourself around Selfridges, Bond Street, and Oxford Circus, and you’re feeling a bit peckish, there are a couple of secret places that I’m willing to share with you (provided that you tell no one else…).

First up is Encore L’Amour. My apologies for not being able to point you to a website, but there doesn’t seem to be one. Let alone an address in the phone book. But essentially, walking from Bond Street Station (south side) towards Oxford Circus, take a right at the fruit stand in front of Vodafone and head towards the Bonham’s depot. On the left hand side on the corner of Blenheim street you’ll find Encore L’Amour.

With yummy omelettes at £5.75, excellent coffee, and almost parisian pains au chocolat, this is the place for a relaxing breakfast/brunch. They also make their own tartes, croissants, and the quality is excellent. Sneak over and give it a try to keep your sugar levels up whilst Christmas shopping.

And, once you’ve had enough of the crazy crowds, it’s time to head down Bond Street and take a left on to Dering street to Number 9 where you will find Postcard Teas. It may not look like it from the outside, but this oasis of calm is the place to pop in and sit at the communal table for a £1.50 cup of Pu-erh or any of their other excellent teas. And, the cup of tea is free if you end up buying the tea that you’ve drunk (which you will, because the quality is excellent).

Happy shopping!


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