Copper Chimney – Bombay

gateway If you find yourself in Mumbai/Bombay/Whatever, you will doubtless be overwhelmed by the food. Naturally, your hosts will take you to places that seem to include large quantities of mediocre hotel buffets. Do not be discouraged. Because if you’re good, very good, perhaps they will order in for you from Copper Chimney (the Worli branch) or even let you go there.

I have to admit to being a bit of a fanatic when it comes to Indian food. I can eat keema muttar with the best of them, a bit of aloo gobi never goes amiss, and the paneer makhani is always welcome. But if I could eat Copper Chimney every day, I suspect I could become vegetarian.

It’s the sauce, or the gravy, if you prefer. Copper Chimney is famous for its sauces. And the warm orangey/red perfection that is their paneer makhani is heaven.

I’m told the real place to go for food in Bombay is to Indigo. So, next trip out, I’ll try to get some more foodie insight.


One Response to Copper Chimney – Bombay

  1. Jo says:

    Since it is Mumbai now why isn’t Bollywood now called Mollywood?? Cheers JO

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