Of Business Lounges and In-Flight Dining

Hi Kids! I’m back (although not for long). With a new job having started at the beginning of November, I’ve been in and out of Heathrow T3 so many times that I feel that I’ve developed an emotional bond with the gentleman who likes to frisk me at Fast Track security.

But lest we get too distracted, how about a quick review of the latest in in-flight dining?

vaFirst, the friendly people at Virgin. I have to admit that it took a long time for me to give up on BA and switch over to Virgin. I mean, there are frequent flier miles and tier points, and starting from zero again was so terribly daunting. But on a trip to LA last December, we decided to go Virgin and haven’t looked back. It’s all about the bed which doesn’t come with that horrible BA attached head rest thing that makes it uncomfortable to sleep. And it’s all about the car service which picks you up and drops you off and drive through check in and the clubhouse and video on demand and all that stuff.

It’s the Clubhouse burger that clinches it. With bacon. And fries. And a glass of claret. As a result of the Clubhouse Burger, no need to eat on board and it’s quickly off to sleep. Then again, it’s breakfast, with warm pains aux chocolat or a bowl of Fruit and Fibre with freshly squeezed OJ and a cup of tea that actually tastes like, well, a cup of tea and not some nasty chemical horrible thing (that would be you, BA, shame, for shame…)

What is with the BA lounges, anyway? Misery and evil danishes seem to abound whilst I look at the screen to tell me that my flight to some middling German city still hasn’t been called. Is it so difficult to get decent croissants? Can’t they hire a pastry chef? Must everything come in frozen, reheatable form?

Meanwhile, there’s also Royal Jordanian or RJ to it’s friends. rjWith their new Airbus 321 service between London to Amman, how can you fail to be won over by the stewardesses that change into traditional embroidered robes? And at meal time, when they actual put on silver service and serve you from the trolley of multiple choices with, get this, vegetables! (I recommend a light helping of the pasta choice together with some veg, and then a hunk of cheese from the cheese trolley later). And as for the cup of tea, well, this comes with a tea bag as opposed to the big, nasty, chemical jug of tea related items (that would be you, BA…).


One Response to Of Business Lounges and In-Flight Dining

  1. Krista says:

    Welcome back!! You know…KLM does a delicious chicken wrap. That being said, I was so tired of United’s coach snack on the Heathrow/US flights–one slice of turkey and a white cheese that I have not identified yet–on a pretzel-y roll (w/o the salt) and a bag of Walker’s Crisps (this has been going on for 3 years now!) that I fired off a missive to UA, pleading for a change in menu.

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