Nobu – Berkeley Street

First my apologies for not posting for some time. To say that life has been hectic would be an understatement – but more on the world of moving in London, frisking at Heathrow, and mediocre BA breakfast fry-ups in later posts.

During our “moving house” moments, we decided to check into a room on Park Lane and being part of the temporary Mayfair set, what else to do but drop into Nobu for dinner. With the Metropolitan branch fully booked out for eternity (at least for those of us who make our reservations about 6 minutes in advance), we headed over to Nobu Berkeley Street where our concierge had spoken with the charming maitre d’, Luca, to squeeze us in.

Berkeley Street is noticeably different from the Metropolitan venue for the downstairs lounge feeling which the Met’s cramped bar area could never match. With its foliage based design theme, we were a bit surprised to find the uber-cheap laminate flooring on the way in. It said much more “flat for sharers in Kilburn” than “Michelin capable sushi joint”. But oh well, upstairs for dinner.

The menu is what you expect from Nobu, so the yellowfin with jalapeno that is a joy was there. Plus the cherry blossom sake (chilled) which goes down a treat. (Is 500 ml of sake too much for two people?). The black cod was succulent as ever, but the pure joy is the O-Toru sashimi.

An interesting crowd as always, particularly the French rocker-wannabes at the table next to ours who had the entire menu translated and explained to them in French before popping downstairs to the lounge for their pre-dinner clope. And the obligatory trustafarians next to the junior hedge fund analyst and his wafer thin date. But all of these seem to melt away with the presentation of the chocolate bento box for dessert.

While £250 for two people is definitely on the chunky side for some raw fish, it is only an occasional luxury, and one definitely to be repeated.

Happy Eating!


2 Responses to Nobu – Berkeley Street

  1. Trig says:

    I thought you’d disappeared permanently, so I took your link off my site. Glad to see you back and I will restore the link asap. No photos of the food? I have seen some very bad reviews of the service at Nobu Berkeley recently. Did you also find it “rushed and rude”?

  2. Trig says:

    Aha – I’m not seeing your feed in Google Reader. Is it turned off? The last post appearing in a feed is The Year In review.

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