Morning Coffee

October 1, 2006

It seems that coffee making is a particularly sensitive issue. What’s the right coffee? The right method?

Bialetti MokaHere at home, Frog and I have agreed for some time that anyone who makes coffee with a Nespresso machine should probably be sent to therapy. It’s not that the coffee is disagreeable. It’s just, well… it just doesn’t seem right. That’s all. We prefer instead to stick to the classic Bialetti Moka Express. And don’t even get us started on, ahem, ‘filter coffee’.

The Bialetti avoids all of that espresso maker nonsense of integrated grinders and winders-uppers and steam machines and £££ price tags. And it makes a fantastic cup of joe.

As for the coffee itself, that’s where it becomes even tougher. We still stick to the Lavazza Rosso, which is basic but flavourful. For those of you who are more adventurous, the sometimes surly staff at the Algerian Coffee Stores will doubtless be able to hook you up.

And you, dear readers, what are you drinking this morning?